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15 years ago

BE 12.5 - Backup got really slow on one server out of the blue

BE 12.5 fully patched on Windows 2003 Server x86. Machine is a domain controller with external LTO2 drive. Backs up 4 other servers.

Something happened about 2 weeks ago and now the host server is backing up much slower than it used to. Total backup job time went from 8.5 hours to 11.5 hours. All the remote servers backup in the same amount of time, but the host server where BE 12.5 is installed went from 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours.

I don't see anything interesting in the event logs during the times the backups are occuring. Restarted the server with the same results.

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  • For whatever reason the local machine only backs up at <300mb/min but all the remote machines back up at 1,100+ mb/min.

    Watched the server and I see a couple informational events in the log about VSS being sent a start signal and then it starting. The beremote.exe will be taking up 15% CPU usage in spurts. Removable Storage server is disabled.

    Anything else to check on? It used to back up at full speed....something has happened....I just have no idea what.
  • Hi Mark,

    Any new patches that might have been installed? Maybe installed on the media server and not pushed out to the remote servers?
    Increase in the size of backups...?
  • I don't recall what Windows updates if any were installed around that time. I have repushed the updates to the remote servers, but the remote servers are backing up at full speed. It's the local machine that has the tape drive on it that is slow. Backups are only a few GB more than they used to be and it's all the same type of files.
  • Is this a stand-alone SCSI card with the drive connected, or does it have HDDs connected to it as well?
  • Stand alone SCSI card. No drives connected and properly terminated. It's not an issue with the drive. Remote systems back up at what would appear to be full speed.