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14 years ago

BE 2010 Oracle Agent error

BE 2010 R2, trying to setup Oracle agent on remote server (Win2k8 sp2 64B)

In the Remote Agent Utility, Oracle tab, when trying to pass SYS credentials, I get the error: 'Unable to validate oracle database credentials. Try again'

I have verified with the DBA that the SYS account has the following privs:


select any table

alter database

alter tablespace

alter system

alter rollback segment

The oracle version is 10.204, 64B

What else can I check?


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  • Do we have multiple Oracle databases on this system? You may need to check tns name resolution. See if you are able to connect to the instance successfully through sqlplus/rman using same username/password.


  • Thanks for both replies....some additional information:


    There is only 1 oracle dbase on the server

    The dba has confirmed that she can log into the dbase with the sys credentials

    I ran SGMON and get this error:

    Current Oracle user name (sys)

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - putenv(ORACLE_SID=ELEC)

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - putenv(ORACLE_HOME=d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1)

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - ERR - oci.dll load failed: . Trying with absolute path...

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - ERR - oci.dll not loaded:

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - Failed to logon to database, other error: Error code (0x1)

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - Returning E_RMAN_LOGON_OTHER error (0xe000100f)

    VXMON_FU: [01/04/11 08:44:58] [5012] [fsys\oracle] - OCIINTERCONNECT::LogonOracle: Logon is Unsuccessful


    Any other suggestions?




  • Error message, seems to show corrupt install of Remote Agent. Please uninstall and reinstall Remote Agent software on the system.