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8 years ago

BE 2010 R3 Windows 2008 R2 - Odd restore scenario

Hello folks,

We have an odd scenario when trying to restore files from a backup set on tape.

We have a job which on a daily basis backs up folders from a file store on a network drive. The job itself hasn't changed for quite some time and we will normally have to restore a file or files 3 or 4 times a month, which up until now has never been an issue.

I am now however experiencing an odd problem restoring files to either the original or an alternative location where I can only restore files from certain folders, but files from other folder locations do not restore, they will either....

  1. Sit on a zero byte count and hang with no errors, i've even left one job for over an hour before having to cancel.
  2. Starts the restore and will get part way through and then just sit there as above. In this scenario the folder structure will restore but the files wont.

I have even tried a restore from several folder locations on the job and in those cases it will restore from some folders but not others and then just hang as above. 

There is a consistency to which folders the restore will be successful from and this consistency is replicated across a number of tapes from the last week and right back to April of this year. So I'm quite happy it isn't a tape issue.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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  • 1) What kind of files are in the offending folders?

    2) Does the BE credentials day you are using have full read/write access to the restore locations?

    3) Are there any outstanding alerts during the bad restores?

    4) Have you tried restoring without permissions?

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      Hi PKH,

      Thank you for the response.

      To answer your questions.

      1. All sorts, it's a general file store so it could be an Office document, video, pdf, just about anything you can think of!
      2. Yes they do, and it's the same for any restore job, successful or not, or to it's original location or to an alternative on the BE server
      3. No, nothing at all and that's the real frustration, the job will just sit there. We have left them ticking away for over an hour and that they don't bomb out.
      4. No, that's an interesting thought, so I will try that along with a couple of ideas I've had overnight and let you know how I get on.



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        OK, so I have an update.

        I ran another test restore to an alternative location from various files from folders on the tape which totals around 100MB.

        Within 1 minute the files from the known good locations had restored, we then decided to leave the job running to see if and how long it would take to complete.

        Well.... we eventuall had success:smileyhappy:, However it  took 2.5 hours restore the additional 80MB of files and a further hour to flag the job has complete.:smileyfrustrated:

        We ahve tried that on another tape and got very similar results, at that rate we would still be restoring the data next year.!

        Any ideas?