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8 years ago

BE 2012 Dedup drive creation issue

I just got handed the task of recreating/fixing a small networks BE jobs. 

When I go to create a new Deduplication Drive I keep getting an error at the end stating "A deduplication storage folder with that name already exists" no matter what name I try and give it.  There is no other Dedup created, I believe there was one before that was deleted and that hard drive reformated. 

When I get to the step to select the desired storage location I do see for some reason that there is a drive listed there that doesn't actually exist on the machine.  Same drive letter as my desired drive, but much less storage.

I've checked all the error/debug logs I can find.  And any other kind of troubleshooting I can think of, but coming up stumped at all turns.

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  • It is possible that the old information of the Dedupe device is left in the Backup exec database(BEDB). I would contact Veritas support engineers who can help you idenfify the problem and run a utility to modify the database.