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12 years ago

BE 2012 duplicates to tape, but with longer protection ?


I have a job that makes a full backup every week. Once a month I want to duplicate latest full to tape and keep it for 4 years.
The process is this:
Every friday: Full backup to disk - protect for 4 weeks
Every first saturday of month: Duplicate latest full to tape - protect for 4 years

When I look at the mediasets on the tape, they only have 4 weeks protection. I have of course set a mediaset that have 4 years protection and use that in the duplication specification. The tape itself are protected for 4 years, but the data on the tape have only 4 weeks expiration.

The properties of the mediaset is:
Keep data for 1460 days
Overwrite protection period: 4 years
Append period: 4 years

The properties for the duplicate specification is:
Duplicate latest full
Mediaset: Keep data for 1460 days

Why are the data not protected for 4 years?

Any BE wizard out there to throw a light on this?



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  • Post some screenshot of where you see the media sets on the tape is protected for 4 weeks, while the tape is protected for 4 years.

  • Hi pkh

    Here is the backup schedule. I have partitioned the library so "Keep data for 1460 days" use slot 23 and 24.

    Here are the properties for the tape, as you can see it's overwrite protected until 4th of februar 2017

    Here is the data on the tape, only protected for 4 weeks

    To me it looks like BE use the protection from the full-to-disk schedule.


  • Looks like you are facing this issue ~

    Would recommend to log a formal support case as we are still investigating this issue.

  • I tried to make a manual job directly to tape, using the "Keep data for 1460 Days" mediaset....then the expiry dates are correct.

    According to that article there is no solution for this yet, so using a duplicate stage with longer data protection is useless at the moment ? frown

    Are there any way I manually can set the expiry date on data already written on tape? 

  • No, there isn't any way to manually set a date. Do bear in mind, the duplicate backup's do have the expiration date which has been defined by the media set chosen in the job properties, however the UI itself does not reflect the correct date.

  • Ah, so it's just a visual glitch. My data will be protected according to the media set I have been using, regardless what the UI shows?

  • Yup. Check the job log for the duplicate backup & it should show accurate overwrite protection date.

  • Yes, the job log shows the correct date smiley cool. Hopefully Symantec will fix this soon - having the expire dates showing incorrectly is making the audit dept skeptical about our data is protected correctly.