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18 years ago

BE Server Service "Starting" after Windows Updates

Running BE 10d on Windows Server 2003 SP1.
Installed outstanding Windows critical updates from June, July and August 2003 (no drivers) and rebooted. Error 7001 and 7022 (BE Server service hung on starting).
Uninstalled all these new Winupdates, same error 7001. Tried disabling BE Server service, reboot, change to local service account, reboot, run a repair install for Backup Exec, reboot, change back to network admin account, reboot, but same error message. Currently Symantec Antivirus Corp Edition services are disabled on this system.
Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated before this software is uninstalled/reinstalled :)

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  • Uninstalled and reinstalled BE10d as per
    With no updates BE server service still shows as "Starting", installed PRO/1000 MT driver from CD - BE Server service started OK!
    Installed Windows Updates, BE service OK
    Installed SP1 for Veritas BE - Server service "Starting" re-appears, reinstalled NIC driver, BE service OK again.

    Imported old Veritas data as per Doc 280710, BE server service still "Starting" even after reinstalling NIC driver.
    Just for kicks, tried installing SP1 again for Veritas BE - Server service still shows as "Starting", reinstalled NIC driver, BE service still "Starting"

    Any further ideas - anyone? :)
  • A different NIC driver for the Intel PRO/1000 MT was installed to resolve this issue.