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5 years ago

BE Slow SystemState Backup

Was wondering if anyone has seen this issue or has a fix

We have been noticing that for some of our customers that the backup jobs been taking longer than they used to and it seems to come down to the SystemState portion of the backup. It seems to have almost doubled / two and half times increase in the amount of time it takes vs before. (where it used to be about 45 min now closer to 2hrs)

This seems to be across BE verions (20.3 and 20.5) and Server verions (2016, 2019) and it just seems for 1 customer it seems to have been the latest November Windows Updates, but have been seeing this before with different customers as well prior to the november updates

Been doing tests as well in my test enviroment to try to find a cause / common reason but cant seem to find one

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