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14 years ago

BE2010 - make older HP24x6 Autoloader work

We have a old HP Autoloader DAT24x6. The device works fine using HP LTT. OS is W2008R2 (64)

Nevertheless, this device does not work under BE2010. The DAT drive itself is discovered and works by manually changing a tape.

But the changer device is not discovered. Starting BE services brings about 30 events about communication errors

I think the configuration is o.k. - the LUN  of the tape is lower than the changer LUN, both devices are present in W2008 device manager. The changer is configured for random access not as stacker.

I know, this device is not listed in the hardware compatibility list, but I have seen this device working under earlier versions of BE.

Is there a workaround available ?

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  • I am afraid but there is no workaround, if OS detects it and BE does not then there is nothing much 

    that you can try to fix the compatibility issue.

  • May be compatible with earlier versions of BE. If the device is not mentioned in compatibility lists, nothing much we can do. If it works, you can consider yourself as lucky. Even in that case if you face any issue in future, you may not get any support from symantec.


  • We still use the odd DAT40x6 and DAT 72x6  on some test systems and we have noticed that they seem to be OK on Windows 2003 but on Windows 2008 (if they work at all) they are incredibly slow. I don't think we have a DAT 24x6 that hasn't suffered an actual hardware failure to test with. However if the devcuie is no longer on teh HCL then that measns we have stopped certifying it against Backup Exec.


    Oh and if you are inside a VM, the description you gave is typical of the symptoms reported by other customers and is one of the reasons why we don't officially support SCSI Pass-Through into a VM.