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12 years ago

BE2012 - After 6 Month of Love and Hate, the beast died again.


after several month of Love and Hate of the Product i think i am going to throw the damn thing as fas as i can.

After a lot of problems with this "beta realease" i had several call with symantec.
Somehow a technican was able to fix the bugs and erros in the past.

Now after 3-4 weeks of no problems at all and no windows updates, the backup stops silently on monday, sending no mails anymore.

Now the beast has died, the Windows Server doesn´t boot any more in a ready state.
Only if i disable all symantec services the windows starts like a charm and all is fine.

The backup exece 2012 is the only software running on Windows 2008 R2 machine.
All as it recommended by symantec.

But as soon as i enable all symantec service the problems are back again.
the service won´t start , hangs forevery and nothing will work.

Is there anyone out there who knows how to get the think work again.
I killed all serices and delete the bedb database, so the software will use the backup from 4:00AM.

But that doesn´t help.


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  • ...anything showing up in the EVent Viewer after starting up Windows?

  • Nothing will show up anymore, the server is down or not responding anymore with be serice running.

    The last information i could retrieve should no problems in the event logs.
    The service of BE 2012 hung at startup for the last 30-40 Minutes this evening.

    The beta release MUST be fixed soon


  • No AV running on that server? No Windows/BE patches recently installed? Is BE 2012 SP1a installed?

  • Hi,

    there´s no AV running, only Windows patch was IE9 security updates.

    BE 2012 SP1a is installed.

    Product was fine over the last weeks, suddenly all stopped nighlty and the "thing" won´t move any more.
    i am going to reboot windows in safety mode, and backup the bedb database.

    With the beutility i will create a clean database and try a reboot again.

    But this product still sucks, more than lotus notes ..


    Updates that where installed
    You cannot open an .oxps file in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2.
    MS12-063: Cumulative Security Update for IE9

    Intel NIC Driver Update

  • Repair of BE itself through Add/Remove Programs? Any failing hardware on the server?

  • No failing software or hardware.

    i had this issue in the past, during nightly backup the product stopped and didn´t move.

    Seems to be a bug that with some memory/buffer overflow or so.

    Hardware is fine, the service won´t start. they keep in the state starting and this forever.

    Only issue i could see that the complete server was extremly slow and be was´nt responding at all.
    Only the GUI was there and an alert icon in the buttom left telling me some problems.

    the information was the same error when the job engine failed and the service is down.
    But the service was running.

    Now with all BE service set to disabled or manual the server is really fast again.

    I am still waiting for some response to my case, i created the case 420-093-467 13 hours ago.

    i even got a email of the case creation, the complete my support system is a piece of crap.

  • I had a call today, the engineer need 1 hour to find out that he can´t fix the problem.
    He said, the case need to be taken to advanced support.

    i wish advanced support would take care of all BE 2012 cases...