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  • ...format the drive without GPT and it should be fine.

    TO confirm that it is (after formatting!), you can download & run b2dtest.exe against the drive that will let you know if the HDD is compatible.


  • Thank you for reply.

    But my backup server installed OS windows 2003 SP2

    It can found Ext-HDD 3TB with out covert to GPT ?

  • BE may be able to recognise your GPT disks, but if you back up to them, you are likely to get an error.

    Re-partition your disk into two partitions.  They should not be greater than 2TB and then re-format them.

  • ...mmm...not sure this will work, but try creating 2 partitions on the drive. See if this gets around the GPT...

  • Can the OP please confirm do you want to use this GPT disk as a Backup Target, or are you intending backing up from this USB disk?

    Reason for question is I suspect we have not even thought to test a GPT disk as a Backup Target.


    Also If you are backing up from this disk that I am not sure that GPT is unsupported as a file system backup, it is unsupported for VMware GRT backups - as such if backing up FROM GPT then please confirm what sort of backup you are running.





  • My system have

    1. VM Host Run ESXi4.0

    • VM Guest 1 - Mail Server - MS Exchange
    • VM Guest 2 - File Server

    2. Database Server (Physical Server) - MS SQL

    3. Backup Server (Physical Server) - OS Windows2003 SP2 and Install BE2012


    I want to backup VM Guest 1, VM Guest 2 and Database server

    to Ex-HDD that connect to Backup Server by USB cable and Capacity of is 3 TB (RAID1)

    I'm not sure nomally windows 2003 can see HDD that more than 2 TB but from this link

    If convert to GPT drive, windows 2003 can found it


    I want to know BE2012 can use GPT Drive like a backup Storage or not?