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10 years ago

BE2014 will not expire/delete B2D backups that were duped to tape

Very frustrating.   This problem has been going on a LONG time -- is Symantec EVER going to fix this????


Media server running BE 2014 with SP2 and Hotfix 227745.

I have B2D backups that occur every day.  Those B2D backups are then DUPED to tape.    Our B2D retention period is 13 DAYS.  Our tape retention period is 22 WEEKS.     Our B2D folder/drive fills up and runs out of space because it has B2D backup sets going weeks/months PAST the 13 day retention period.  When you look at the Storage -> Backup Sets, it shows the backups as expired (colored in blue), but BE2014 will NOT delete these from the B2D folder/drive because those older B2D backups all show dependent backup sets for "Storage | Tape Cartridge" (which are kept for 22 WEEKS).   


So how in the heck can I have B2D backups set at 13 DAYS for retention and have BE2014 them deleted PROPERLY after 13 DAYS without tying them to the duplicate tape backups and retaining the B2D backups for 22 WEEKS until the Tape retention expires?   DLM *SHOULD* delete the B2D files after 13 days from the B2D folder/drive, but it won't.   This is SO frustrating.   Symantec is so frustrating to deal with...  I have to manually delete these files all the time.


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  • This issue was resolved by SP1 -

    If you are still facing this issue, we would need to have a look @ your setup and investigate further. Do you have a support case open ? If yes, pls PM me the case number. Thanks.

  • Sorry, but it wasn't fully resolved in SP1 and still isn't resolved in SP2+.  I've confirmed that with the support case I opened.

    There are STILL times when tape duplicate jobs WILL be dependencies for B2D backups unfortunately.  It's frustrating this still happens....