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9 years ago

BE2015 on Server 2012R2 running VERY slow


We have just purchased a new HP DL380G9 server, 32GB RAM, 10 core xeon processor, 10GB FLOM ports etc.

It is running server 2012 R2 with BE2015.

This weekend was the first real test for our monthly full backup. It starts on Friday night. By Monday morning, the server was so slow it required a restart to get it responsive again. The backups were down to 80MB per minute.

Is any body having this sort of issue?

There is nothing else presently running on this new server except BE2015.


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  • There are a lot of factors which can slow down BE.  Try tuning BE,  see my article below

    Also, turn off AV scanning if it is running during the backup.

    • can you calarify the server (whole windows sever) , backup exec or just backup proccess was slow?
    • are you using any deviece on SAN network? (Tape Libary - Disk)
    • also please check windows event viewer for any BE database related errors