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17 years ago

Best Practice for Backup jobs

hey gang,
My IT background is based on networking, currently hold CCNP. But i have been thrown into a position because the Sys. Admin worked out.
i have no real prior sys. admin exp. but wanted to know.
Is it better to run (1) large job, which has every server being backed up within that (1) job, or to have a backup job for each server?
I personally would think it would be better to have (1) backup job for each server, but I do not kow if this is the currect way to do this. Can anyone offer some pointers? Thanks.

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  • if you only have one backup device, it doesn't make much difference in execution time, but if you have one big job, you have to search the job log to find the problem if the final status is "Failed"  or "Completed with Exceptions"
    I you have more than on backup device (eitehr more than one tape drive or multiple B2D folders), you can split the job to reduce the backup window
    if you choose multiple jobs to one device, you need to make sure that the first job of the night is defined as OVERWRITE and the rest as APPEND, with all pointed to the same media set, and the media set cannot have OPP=0
  • OPP = Overwrite Protection Period
    What I meant to say was APP = Append Period