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14 years ago

best practice setup for vm and scsi

id liek to describe our setup and see if anyone can find recommend a better or best practice setup for our situation


2 x esxi servers running 2 vm's (1x file 1x mail)

1 x vcenter on an hp dl120 with win2008r that does nothing but vcenter

backup exec installed on the vcenter machine

scsi lto tape drive installed on the vcenter machine

vm agents installed on each vm

want to backup vmdks as well as granular file


some questions id really liked answered

is it ok to install the scsi drive and backup exec on the win2008r vcenter server

should this server be a member of the same domain of the servers we are backing up

will i still need to use the vdr supplied with vm essesntials plus or will backup exec handle all the backing up i need?

can we run our symantec end point protection manager on the win2008r vcenter server?


thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer us

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