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16 years ago

Cannot Connect to remote agent



thanks for your reply, I have installed on the remote server but I do not see it in my list of favorite resources and when I try and add it to the list it comes up with the following error:


Unable to connect to the Backup Exec Remote Agent, Ensure that the Backup Exec Remote agent exists and the credentials are correct.


As bit more info about or environment:


1. The remote server is behind a firewall, we have opened the port 10000 (which I believe is the port that the remote agent uses, I may be wrong?) I can telnet to that port from our office.


2. The backup server is also sitting behind a firewall and port forwarding is switched on for 10000 and again I can telnet from the remote box to the Backup server


Are there some other ports I need to get opened in order for this to work?


Any help VERY much appreciated as I have been kind of thrown in at the deep end and told to get this working as so far failing miserably !


kind regards




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  • Although you can telnet, is the response clearly from a BE product, or is the response vague enough that it could be another application using that port? The following two articles, although written for previous versions, are still valid:




    Port 10000 is too common a number. It would be very easy for multiple applications to use it, and that has happened to many others.

  • Thanks Kevin,


    Before we installed the service I did a netstat and nothing was listening on 10000 installed and then ran netstat again and it was listed (that may not be conclusive proof that it is BE though)


    I will check these articles out and see if they shine any light on our situation.


    Many thanks