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14 years ago

Can't browse to another domain while creating backup selection list


I have two separate domains on separate subnets.  I have 1 installation of Backup Exec 2010 R2 on the first domain.  I have the networks routed to reach each other.  There is not a trust between the domains.  I have conditional forwarders in the DNS so they can sucessfully resolve each other's names/resources.


I have created "backup users" as domain administrators in both domains.  I used this user for the default system logon account in BE and added the second domain's user as a network logon account.


When attempting to create a backup selection list, I have added my second domain as "second.local" to the managed domains list.  But when I try to browse the second network I get a credential failure.


Failed to log on to: second.local

The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed.


I get a pop-up dialog telling me this and I select the credentials from the second domain but it still fails.


The credentials are valid and the account is not locked out.  I can access the resources in the second domain just fine from the first domain using the credentials from the second domain.



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  • Try to give Two Way Trust Relationship for the two domains in concern.




  • Sush,

    The thing is, this is a RE-installation and it used to work without the trust. 

    I can push the agent ok by just providing the credentials.  And I can talk to the agent on the server in the second domain once it is installed. 

    I just can't browse the second domain under domains.  I can browse under Windows network but that is NetBIOS browsing, not an LDAP lookup.


    Am I missing something?


  • I have the same problem, only its just a single domain. You can browse to the root shares, and there are no AD or DNS issues here.. whats even wierder is every now and then you will get a small window where it all works, and you can create jobs and even run backups.. but as soon as you enter that selection list again, it stops working, and the backup jobs fail.


    The accounts used all have the proper permissions...