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7 years ago

Can't select Lotus DataBase for backup - Backup Exec 15

Hello guys,

From over 3 weeks I have some issues with the proper backup of two domino database/servers.

Recently (3 weeks ago), due to lack of space on our Lotus servers, there has been a movement of the db made. It has been copied (the db) from the drive F:\ and placed under the new path on G:\ drive. Those changes had been made on two seperate servers (bioth on Win Serv 2008 R2). From this point BE has a hard way to recognize where is the new path for the db's.

To simplify the things up my server name would be Lotus01/02, and my db name is Domino01/02.

Back to topic. After that data movement backups failed to perform its action. Error was that "F:\ drive error - Cannot backup firectory xxx/Domino01 and its subdirectories".  Checked it on Lotus01 server and the Domino01 db is now on G:\ drive and someone just left a shotcut for the new location of Domino01 on disk F:\. To fix the issue I wanted to update the job for the domino server with the new db location.  While modifying the Job for the  Lotus01, in Job Definition Properties, while editing the Backup Selection I can't see the db on G:\ drive but I can still see it on F:\ drive.. As from what I know BE15 does not follow links (as does TSM f.ex.) for the backup purpose,  so the lack of visibility of my db started to be a real issue.

I've updated the Lotus01 (and his twin brother Lotus02), with the new BackupExec agent but it didn't do the trick. I've uninstall the BE Agnet from the Lotus01, and on my master BE server I've removed the impacted host with its jobs, and then added it once again with the fresh start and installation. This didn't fix the issue as well, as I can still see the Domino01 in the old location.. I know that BE is using some of the Lotus files to recognize the correct path to the dbs but I don't know which are those he uses..

I've done some digging finding the KB for this more or less similar issue: but that would be modifying the registry which as I just backup things up am not allow to do. I can point my Messaging colleagues what they should do from their side, but I would have to know which DLL (or other) file Backup Exec Agent uses to communicate with the Lotus DB, and which one is used to recognize the paths to the dbs so they could modyfy them. I think that while moving the db around the disks, my collegues didn't updated those files with the new paths. As the Lotus DB still works, it is not that important for them but as my backups are not running correctly I would need that info to solve this out..

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, any of your insights might help me out:)

And my appologize for my bad English,  as Eng is not my native language.

best regards




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  • If a job is created with a specific selection and then that selection no longer exists, the graphical tree view of your job selections will no longer show the deleted item (because the tree view is what is selected against what exists on the server at the time you look at the view of selections and not what was there when the job was created.)

    To therefore remove the now invalid selection you have to go to the text view of your selections (which I think  is the details tab) and remove the obsolete entry.

    Of course you then need to create a new entry for your data afterwards -  which I see you may not be able to do because of the G: drive issues with the Domino DB relocation

    Unfortunately I am not an expert in the Domino backup process, so hopefully someone else wil be able to assist with that part of your problem (although please be aware that we have discontinued support for Domino in the newer BE versions)




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      Thanks for your response!


      I've already deselected the DB fro  the F:\ drive so it would not create any more issues. But I still haven't solved the bug with invisible DB on G:\ drives on my both Domino servers which well, should be backuped..


      Anyone with the knowledge of the Backup Exec - Domino relations?


      thanks and regards!