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11 years ago

Catalog New Tapes

Hi Everyone,

So we just recovered all of our data but we still have some folders on our file server that need to be restored from tape.

I have inserted 5 tapes that came from offsite into the autoloader.

What is the process for getting the tapes back into SBE so SBE recognizes all of them and i can use them for restoring?

I thought i did it correctly but i still get SBE asking me to insert tape media 0000006L5 to use.

and that tape is in the auto loader. i can see it in SBE

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Hello, What have you done so far?

    uncheck the option  

    "Request all Media in the sequence for catalog operations" click on the Backup Exec icon> Configuration & settings > Backup Exec Settings > Catalog.

    and then inventory and catalog again.

  • So far tapes are all in.

    I click on Slots and i can see all the tapes, and then i right clicked on the slots that were not showing anything and i chose Scan.

    Then i did an inventory command.

    Now i am not sure how to catalog all the tapes at once so all of the media is available for restore in SBE

  • This is the error i keep getting even though i have done inventory and i right click on that specific tape and choose catalog

  • Try the steps per this KB -

  • Try right-clicking on the library and select inventory