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8 years ago

Chancel Jobs by script

Hello together :smileyhappy:

We installed at our APC UPS a Network Management Card, so we can shut down servers automatically in case of power loss.

Now I wish to shut down our tape library HP MSL4048 a little bit earlier than the backupserver.

Now I will do a skript to run, which stops the Jobs from Backup Exec - is it done with stopping just the service BackupExecJobEngine?

You are welcome with other ideas!

Thanks a lot - Kind regards, Amy Lee


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  • That should be it, but a better option is to shut down all the services and this should be simple to add. Thanks!
  • If the service are stopped then depending on the state of each job at the time it will either cancel it or fail it.

    However Job engine won't always stop in a timely manner if backup jobs are active at the time AND if this happens a job cancel would probably NOT stop in a timely manner either.

    As such I wouldn't bother trying to cancel the jobs just try to stop the services and have a second option if the services won't stop.

    One thing to bear in mind is that (as an example) snapshots against things like VMware may be left behind when a Backup Server either fails or has services interupted mid job - so you may have some housekeeping to do once you clear your power issues - so whoever manages the backups shoud check every resource that might have been subject to an active backup at the time.


  • Here are two commands i use. I never had succes with cancelig a job via console. you could try tho.


    # see active running jobs: Get-BEJob -Status Active

    # Cancel all of the active backup jobs:
    Get-BEJob -Status "Active" | Stop-BEJob | ft –auto