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14 years ago

Constant Issue with Terminal Server

We have a Constant ongoing issue with backing up our Terminal Server.  It fails with the corrupt data message.  Every other server is backed up just fine.  It fails on the Friday (Full) backup.  Our Daily (differential) is just fine, no issues with the daily.  Our Differential is just growing and not getting reset on this server.  This has been going on for a few weeks and every thing that I have tried from reading online to calling support doesn't seem to help.  The last tech I spoke to PROMISED that recreating the Job would fix it.  Guess what, SAME ISSUE!

Media Server:
2003 Std SP2
BackupExec 12.5 SP2

Remote Server:
2003 Enterprise
RAWS is current and up to date.

Updated the RAWS to current
Changed the AOFO option from "System VSS......."
Changed the AOFO option from  "Automaticly select VSS"
Unchecked the selection for that server and re added it to the job.
Recreated the Schedueled Job.
I do "Restart All Services" daily on the media server
I know I am missing something.

I need to talk to a high level tech, but I dont want to sit here for 3 hours.

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  • Hello,

    Of course your BE have last service packs and patchs.
    Did you try to have several backup jobs instead of just one?

    Anyway, I guess you need high level tech support. Open an high level issue.



  • We cant have more than one backup job each day in our enviroment.
    The software should never error out if you are behind on service packs, nothing has changed in our enviroment.
  • We cant have more than one backup job each day in our enviroment

    Why not?

    You can use a policy to stack the output of two jobs, run sequentially to the same output device (B2D folder to tape volume)