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17 years ago

Data inconsistency errors

I can see I'm not the only one plagued with the following error:

However, I have not yet found a useful reply.  Sure, I found the Document 273455, which suggests that the problem is with anything in the mix EXCEPT BackupExec, but none of the suggestions are useful.  I have already tried creating new B2D folders, and the ones I have don't fail consistently.  The device is less than half full, doesn't support defragmentation or ScanDisk, and nothing is being left in the BE media server's Event Log that refers to the B2D device or to the BE software. 
The B2D device is a Buffalo TeraStation NAS device.  The problem is intermittent:  We get a failed backup with the above identical message about 3 or 4 times a month -- otherwise it seems to work fine.  The failures happend in various B2D folders, not always the same one.
Looking at the log file on the device, late in the verify, it starts looking for files in the B2D folder that don't exist:
SHELL32.dll, ole32.dll, UxTheme.dll, and a bunch of others.  Why is BE trying to verify files that don't exist?  It's almost as though the backup job itself has gone wacky...
Finally, all of the inquiries that I can find in this forum so far have gone unanswered.  Is this forum even moderated by Symantec staff?  I am not totally averse to paying for a support incident, but have read a number of postings saying that many incidents just remain open forever - solutions aren't found or even aggressively sought.  Another reason I am reluctant is that the B2D device doesn't appear on their Hardware Compatibility List, so I figure I'll pay for an incident just to have them say, "We don't support that device."
What suggestions do the rest of you have?
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