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10 years ago

Dell DR4100 performance issues


Is there anyone who had some expierence with performance on a Dell DR4100 with 1 additional shelf, so a total of 24 x 3TB SATA 7,2k drives, 56TB. Backup Server Dell DR710, 32GB Memory. All connected same switch with 10Gbit cooper. We had sometimes (I think when lot of jobs running) very bad write performance and the biggest problem read is very bad (for B2tape), I not got more then 1Gbit out of the box even if only 1 job is running. The "container" on the DR4100 for backup is a cifs share. No OST etc. as we don't have a license.

See also attached pdf.

Have now a ticket open at Symantec and Dell but just won't to know if anyone have the similar config and can share some perfromance/experience?

Thanks a lot


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