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18 years ago

Disaster Recovery of Media Server v10d

I have been gathering all the docs I can find on recoverying a BE Media Server to no avail.

Basically I am looking for someone who has developed a step by step plan to recover a BE Media Server v10d running on Windows Server 2003 to another Server running the same.

In other words, my data center is a smoking hole in the ground for what ever reason, and I am at my offsite location. What did I need to have backed up offsite, (Basic install disk, current Catalogs folder, current Config file..etc, etc.), and What steps did you take to recover your server to current status?

Any info beyond what is in the docs would be appreciated;

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  • Hi,

    Please read the document below:

    How to uninstall and reinstall Backup Exec 9.x, or move Backup Exec 9.x to a different computer, without losing job configuration information