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10 years ago

Disk keeps ejecting during a backup job

We started having a lot of backup failures with BE 12. The backup media is an external Tandberd RDX, and it is running the latest firmware. There is an RDX utility that shows the drive is healthy. We upgraded to BE 15, and the problems are persisting.

There are two problems:

1) One problem is that either very shortly after a job starts or well into it, a media request alert pops up. The job stops progressing, but I can go into Windows Explorer and see the disk that Backup Exec wants to eject and browse through the folders. As soon as I acknowledge the alert, the disk ejects, and the job fails. This has started happening daily, so we haven't had a full set of good backups in a week. We are backing up 3 systems, and last night it failed on the first one, but the previous night it failed on the 3 system. The Event Viewer has Event ID 58061 and "Backup Exec Alert: Media Insert
(Server: "SERVER1") (Job: "HR2 Backup-Full") Please insert a different disk cartridge that has free space or expired backup sets." These disks are 1 TB, and about 1/3 of them are free space. 

2) The other problem is that the disk goes off-line. I can force it back on-line, and the job finishes up OK. 

Can anyone provide me with some thoughts as to what I can try?


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  • How big is the size of your backup set?

    Have you tried leaving the disk in the device for more than 4 hours before the start of the backup jobs?  This is to allow DLM to reclaim any expired backup sets.

  • DLM In RDX cartridge runs when a backup or duplicate job is run and overwrites the sets that exist on the cartridge which is online and should be expired. Suggestion - 1) Ensure the cartridge has enough space to accommodate full backup. 2) If there are backup sets on RDX already prior to backup then ensure to just run and Inventory and catalog to make sure these sets are recognized by BE and DLM is aware to delete them when job runs. 3) Ensure in BE global settings ->storage. The option which controls when a cartridge when brought back would be placed in read only mode is set to a bit longer if cartridges are brought back after a long time in BE 4) when the cartridge is put in the drive. Check the properties and make sure the cartridge is not in read only mode Post 2012 SP4 DLM works this way with removable storages Refer :