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4 years ago

Dual BE Remote agent on client server?

Can we install two BE remote Agent on client machines?
Example: We have 2 backup exec servers on same LAN, One is BE 2014 , second is BE 2020 . We have distributed jobs on both servers to take backup of some local servers on daily basis. (One of BE server is still on Be2014 because we are using Domino Mail server & only this version provides domino agent for proper backup of NSF DB's)
Sometimes dueto hardware / tape failure, one servers goes offlines for a day or two. So is it possible that using single server, I can backup all client servers? 
Do I need to ADD update/replace the BE remote agent on client servers or ?
What will happen when faulty comes back online ?

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  • You cannot run two versions of the Remote Agent on the same system.
    If you go with the older agent then you will receive a warning message when backing up from the newer BE server, that the agent is not up to date but the data is backed up as long its supported (please read the next sentence).
    However any new feature or improvements in BE 20 might not be available to you if you using an old agent as certain features need a current version of the Remote Agent.
    You need as well ensure that the Agent utility is configured for both BE servers and that all the "trust settings" are working fine.
    You might want to consider just using the old BE server to backup the one system which is not compatible with any newer version of BE.
    Everything else I would recommend you backup from the new BE server with the matching Remote Agent installed.