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15 years ago

Duplicate Backup Sets

I've trying to follow the KB article on Duplicate Backup Sets, but the "scheduled backup jobs" that I want a "duplicate job" to follow are not showing in the dropdown list) (In case it matters) Let me provide some history... We have incremental jobs running during weekdays (except that Exchange backups are full every day). On Saturdays we run Full Backups. Those Full backups were followed by "duplicate backup sets" jobs, putting those full backup sets to tape... The client asked that we only perform the backup to tape operation bi-weekly (to reduce tape usage). Easy I thought, I'd just copy each Full backup job rename it, then change scheduling. I'd remove the "Duplicate Backup" job on the appropriate jobs. This didnt work out, on one incarnation, the duplicate jobs kept running every full backup... On some research, I could infer that maybe the "duplicate backup set" was actually tracking the "media set" and not the "scheduled job" itself... So I created "Copy to tape" media sets and tried to make that work... It changed things, but still not working as expected. (It seemed that now, the copies were not running consistently) So, after discussion with the client, we decided to just put things back the way they were. So I deleted the "new copies" of the Full Backup jobs... But now, all the "duplicate backup set" jobs have disappeared... And when I try to create more via the Wizard, the dropdown list only lists my incremental backups... The Full Backups are not in the list at all... Where do I go from here? RichWhat are the characteristics or properties of a "scheduled job" that would all (disallow) it from being a candidate for a "following" duplicate backup sets job?
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