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14 years ago

Duplicate Catalog Error


We are running Backup Exec 2010 R2 and we are getting failed jobs on the duplicate job with the following error below:

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DuplicateCatalog Error

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0000904 - An error occurred while retrieving catalog information.
Final error category: Backup Media Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-2308


We run B2D first then the tape will start but this keeps failing, the B2D part is fine!


Any suggestions?

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  • Re-creating your B2D job would solve the error.

  • Just recreating the Duplicate job will also help here. If the backup and its duplicate are created in same policy then just delete the duplicate template and recreate it.

    Also ensure that the Source device and destination device are selected correctly.




  • Just to explain what can happen with Duplicate jobs that causes this. If at some point in time you run a backup to disk device but then for whatever reason the duplicate to tape fails or does not start, then a later Backup to disk job from the same policy/template runs and because of your overwrite protection settings the first backup set that was never duplicated gets overwritten. Unfortunately Backup Exec has a record for the one that was  overwritten that means it is still linked it with the duplicate job, in addition to the newer set also being linked. So when the duplicate then tries to run it can't find the catalog for the overwritten set and fails.

    Easy fix for this is as described delete the jobs created by the policy and recreate them

    The way to minimize the chances of it happening is whenever a duplicate job fails to run fix the failure and  re-run it immediately.

    There is another more fiddly fix - right click the failed job in the Job History and select Edit Selection list. When you get to the selection list screen, click on View Selection details. If there are sets that have been overwritten in the selection this will show as a caatlog not found message, each line like this can be deleted and then you can immediately re-run the job from right clicking the failed job history again with only valid catalogs referenced.

    Note you must have at least one valid catalog in teh duplicate job in order to delete this way as it won't let you delete the last entry.