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17 years ago

Duplicate Jobs Failing

Got an odd situation with a duplicate job failing.  I am duplicating some backup sets from tape to disk-based media.  The disk based media set is set to not allow overwrite, and to allow append indefinitely.
The job runs fine - it appears that all the sets (total of 4) make it to the disk based media.  However, the job appears to run into problems on verify, and on the Job History tab for each Verify operation reports error "e0000602 - A query for media on which the data set being read is continued was unsuccessful. Ensure that all media in the family have been inventoried and cataloged."  This error is reported on the verify tasks for all 4 sets. 
On the Job Log tab the following items are reported:
under Job Operation - Verify:
"The query for media sequence number 1 of this media family was unsuccessful.
Ensure that all media in the family have been inventoried and cataloged."
under Job Completion Status:
Job ended: Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 4:05:15 PM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0008445 - The media operation was terminated by the user.
Final error category: Job Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33861
under Errors:
The same message text that appeared under Job Operation - Verify also appears here.
The odd thing is - I did not cancel the job.  Nor is the check box "Enable Automatic Cancellation" check box checked.  I'm not exactly sure why it cancelled itself.  So, none of the links regarding "V-79-57344-33861" seemed relevant.  I verified that the disk-based media is in fact present, inventoried, etc and it is OK (I'm able to browse backup sets on the media).  A search on e0000602 didn't produce any relevant results for my situation either.
I don't know why BE is unable to verify the backup sets.  Peculiar thing is I ran a duplicate backup job on another backup set to the same disk-based media set, and it completed and verified OK.
Anyone else have this problem?  I searched around and couldn't find an exact match or even a related situation to this. 
I am running 11d 7170 with SP2 installed and Hotfixes 31-36, 38-41, and 44 installed. 

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  • Have a similiar issue with BEFW version 12.5.  I have three duplicate jobs following three backup jobs and two (the same two) report failing (but appear to be successful) every night with 0xe0008445 error indicating time had run out and they were automatically cancelled.

    No automated cancellation or time outs are enabled, as described here:


    All my backups are Disk to Disk.  The duplication jobs copy to an external drive.


    I've tried recreating these duplication jobs, but no change in the result.


    There's no overlap with the three jobs.  They complete within three, ten, and fifften minutes. 


    I've also tried enabling automated cancellation for 20 hours but they still fail.


    Thanks in advance.