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15 years ago

Duplicate Phantom Media


I have duplicate entries for all my media when I look under the 'All Media' area of the tree. My previously discovered Media was also not being shown up in the two Media Location groups I configured relating to the left and right banks of our HP MSL 2024, I have copied these into those groups but the unknown duplicates still exist and I cannot delete them as the delete option is ghosted out.

All these phantom entries were created at the same time in October and I have to onwder if they are related to me removing the HP Drive from Backup Exec and letting it rediscover it to try to resolve some issues with 3 of my backup jobs not running non their alternate schedule.

I have used quite a few Backup Products over the years but I have to say I'm finding it really difficult to get to grips with it and the 1000 page user manual doesn't really help. I don't have the time to RTM I just need this awful software to work.

I have attached a couple of screenshots so you can see what I mean.



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