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13 years ago

Enterprise Vault and BE2010 Slow Backups

Hello All

We upgraded to EV9 4 months ago and we continued using Backup Exec 12.5 to backup EV, the issue we faced was BE12.5 not putting EV services into backup mode, therefore we decided to create a new VM and provision SAN storage (EMC SATA) and installed BE2010 with 2010 EV agents. Since upgrading the EV backups became extremely slow.

After speaking to Symantec Support and working with them for several weeks to resolve this they advised to trial BE2012 Beta, unfortunately the backups are as poor.

To eliminate the problem with the infrastructure I decided to install BE12.5 on the VM and the backups were lighting, it was backing up 630GB in 7 hours, whereas BE2010/2012 is backing up 200GB in 10 hours.

This clearly indicates there is an issue with Backup Exec and not the setup. You would expect Symantec's own backup product to work seamless with its own products.

I'm not happy with Symantec's new backup products and wouldn't make this mistake again, i am also evaluating Symantec's endpoint protection suite and these issues have really put me of.

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks You.

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  • Hi,

    Is your BE 2010 R3, and if not, upgrade to that. BE 2010 R3 introduced a bunch of new security features, and it is quite possible that these might be messing around with your throughput.

    You can also check for the following:

    1. Make sure an AV isn't scanning either the BE services, or the EV services, and if so, put in an exclusion for them.

    2. Make sure your version of BE is running the latest SP and patches, and push-install to any remote servers you might have. Do the same for EV.

    3. Check for disk fragmentation on the backup server and any possible memory leaks.


  • Hi Craig

    we are using BE2010 R3

    The server is a new and provisioned VM with Windows 2008 R2

    The AV is disabled in case this was causing the issue

    Installing BE12.5 on the same server works flawless, so it can't be disk fragmentation/Memory Leak

    It's got to be BE2010

    It will be nice to hear from people who are using a similar setup, BE2010 and EV9?

  • ...might also be worth your while heading on over to the EV forum and asking the same question there.