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13 years ago

Error 0xe000032d (V-79-57344-813)

The persistent error message occurs after backup and fails the process. The error 0xe000032d (V-79-57344-813)occurs whether the Advanced File Open Option is enabled or not.  Is there an alternative?

 Exchange Server 2010 Backup Exec 2010 SP1

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  • First of all do not use AOFO for Exchange backups.

    When the job fails check the writers status on the Exchange server using the command VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS in the command prompt.

    Ensure that there are no Writer failures




  • Is The Resource Only Involves Exchange or the Entire server.

    Could You check the Job log For More Detailed Info On wich resource it Fails?


    Also Ensure to Split The Job to have Database and OThe Resource( Drives and system state ) seprately.


    Check Event Vwr on the remote machine For error reported during the backup runtime.