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14 years ago

Error 1642 remote agent install failure

I posted on this same topic about 8 months ago, but got nowhere, so I am trying again.

BE 2010 R2 media server

Trying to install remote agent.  On certain servers, no matter if I try to push install, or locally install the agent, it fails with error code 1642.  This happens no matter if the server is a fresh build, or I am upgrading a previous agent version.

The remote servers all run Win2008 R2. 

I have disabled virus software, run both the setupaax64.cmd & setup.exe, done a 'run as administrator' (even though I am logged into the server as the domain administrator)....nothing works.  I still get the same error 1642.

  NOT_FOUND              1642   The installer cannot install the
                                upgrade patch because the program
                                being upgraded may be missing, or the
                                upgrade patch updates a different
                                version of the program. Verify that
                                the program to be upgraded exists on
                                your computer and that you have the
                                correct upgrade patch.

This makes no sense on a newly built server because it never had any BE agent installed.

Does anyone have any suggestions??


  • Hi,


    Have you looked at repairing the Windows Installer service?