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18 years ago

Event ID 33808 error=64

My BU to Disks are successful but I get this event id every bu.
The Veritas KB article I was able to find refers to error=3. The BU to Disk files are timestamped correctly.

Has anyone seen this?

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  • Oh, a little more background:
    the event says the bu file cannot be created, but it exists already.
  • Hello,

    This event ID will be generated if the Backup to Disk folder is not available, or, the disk (on which Backup to Disk folder is created) is full.

    Please refer following technote:

    You may try changing the path of folder to some other drive or to the remote machine and verify the result.

    Thank You,

  • No, in this case I think the backups would fail. Also, this article refers to error-3 not error=64 (see message title).