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18 years ago

Exceptions on Backup?

Hi guys. My Daily / Weeky backups report the following exceptions:

Backup - S: Data
Unable to open the item S:\909b8190-bb08-11da-a769-00038a000015.sis - skipped.
Unable to open the item S:\909b8194-bb08-11da-a769-00038a000015.sis - skipped.
Unable to open the item S:\909b8195-bb08-11da-a769-00038a000015.sis - skipped.
Unable to open the item S:\909b8196-bb08-11da-a769-00038a000015.sis - skipped.
Unable to open the item S:\909b828c-bb08-11da-a769-00038a000015.sis - skipped.

Backup - C: System
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\CPL.CFG - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\dhcp\tmp.edb - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\wins\winstmp.mdb - skipped.

I was unable to find the files referenced on drive S: Data (advanced search, hidden files)??
Help Appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    -- is this a remote or local backup ?

    -- have you Advanced Open file option activated ?

    -- also refer the link
    "The Error "Unable to open the item \\servername\filename - skipped" appears when attempting to backup dhcp.mdb, wins.mdb, and winsmtp.mdb."

    Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
    Hope this will help you

    Thank you
  • Hi Gauri. Yes this is a local backup (although exchange server / nas server use relevant agents) No AOFO is not installed.
  • Hello,

    Stop the antivirus service during the backup job.

    Are you backing up "\SIS Common Store" folder?

  • Hi Deepali. Yes \SIS Common Store is included in the selections. I did remove this but still received the errors referenced in my earlier post.

    I have decided to remove the files from reported as exceptions in the job log from my backup schedule (WINNT\System32\...........).

    How will this affect restores if I am ommiting these files?
  • Hello,

    Kindly refer the following Document:

    How to back up the "DHCP.MDB" file in the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server using VERITAS Backup Exec (tm)

    Thank You,

  • Not quite what I was looking for but thanks for taking time to reply. Still receiving the exceptions!! :)