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12 years ago

Exchange 2010 - An error occurred while retrieving catalog information


I am receiving an failed job error when two of our Exchange 2010 servers try to do a Full Meta Data Index Catalog using Backup Exec 2012. Error Message below.


Catalog Error

V-79-10000-10660 - An error was encountered writing to the on-disk catalogs.

I tried to research this error online to get a better understanding on what is occuring but all I find are out posted to the forum from last year marking this as a bug.

Is this still a bug in the software?



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  • Do the catalog job run twice as mentioned in the above KB ? If yes, then would recommend to open a formal support case.

    If no, would you confirm if the catalog job is a delayed job or not.

    Lastly, try this KB ~

  • Yes, it errors out twice, one right after the other. It doesn't aways fail. Just one in awhile. Thanks