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13 years ago

Exchange 2010 DAG Backup is very slow


I am currently backing up an Exchange 2010 Information Store for a DAG consisting of two servers.  The backup completes but takes a very long time and the average throughput is around 110MB/min.  There is antivirus (Microsoft Forefron Endpoint Protection) running on both DAG servers and the backup server but I have tried running the job with this disabled and it is still slow.

One of the DAG servers is on site and the other is off-site.  I have added the on-site one in the preferred servers list for this job but this doesn't seem to affect performance either way.  I have tried amending the job settings that have been mentioned in other posts on this site but so far nothing will get the job rate over 110MB/min.

This is the first time I've backed up a DAG so is this speed normal or can someone think of something else I could try to improve performance.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Check if the backup is running over the WAN (check throughput of your routers).

    Is the Backup Exec Agent installed on both Exchange nodes ?

  • Yes, the Backup Exec Agent is installed on both Exchange nodes.

  • How many databases are there in each server and its copies on other?

    What speed do you get when you try to backup c, system state on both server seprately

    (local and 2nd over wan).

  • I made a change last night in the Exchange options in the job and set the High Availability Server option to backup the active copy of the database as this would be stored on the sever based locally.  The job rate now has climbed up to around 500MB/min which is much better.

    I just wanted to check though that backing up the active copy of the database is ok?  Our backups run at night so I can't see any problems but I'm not really sure about the implications of backing up the active database rather than the passive one.

  • Backing up from Active database should not be of any issues, specially when you are backing up
    during late hours when no one is using them.

    In the case when people do not have DAG configured, they do backup from active \Single copy.

    (It might be a best practice to backup from passive copy, but would not benefit when across the wan)


    Also make sure Exchange database maintenence task or anti-virus scan is not configured to
    run at same time.

  • Many thanks for your help, that's answered all my queries!