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3 years ago

Expired backup sets not deleting after migration

I have recently migrated Backup Exec 21.4 to new hardware (Windows 2019). The new server has a different name. The migration when fine, but the backup sets that expire will not delete. BE is set to delete expired sets and the registry key is also set to allow deletion. There are no dependences on the backups either.

Where would I look for errors for what is causing this?


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  • Hiya
    Most likely this is related to the fact that the new server has a different name.
    To confirm this, create a new job where the data will be expired within a few hours and confirm that this data is getting expired which confirms that DLM (Data Lifecycle Management) is working in principle.
    If that is the case then I would advice you to open a support case so this can be corrected.

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      Yes the server has a different name. Unfortunately we are a not-for-profit company and were provided a NFR version which offers no tech support from Veritas. I have called them already. Any ideas would be great.