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18 years ago

Feature confusion

I'm a little confused about features, particularly bare metal restores.
I opened a ticket with tech support and was told that BU Exec version 11 supports restore to different hardware. Our vendor told us the same thing and had us buy Intelligent Disaster Recovery. Now I'm get to start using it.
I'm doing my own research on this, and I see System Recovery (formerly LiveState Recovery) as able to do this - is this a part of the BU Exec 11 suite? Does it actually work ok?

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  • Still not sure what tech support was talking about re BU Exec 11 supporting bare metal bu to dissimiliar hardware.

    I have downloaded the BU Exec System Recovery Edition and am giving that a whirl. However, I am not seeing a recovery disk or an option to create one. Kind of hard to test the product if you are missing that element.
  • Hello,

    Backup exec 11d Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option supports recovery to a dissimilar hardware. You can refer to the Admin Guide Page Number 1495 below:

    Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 11d for Windows Servers Administrator's Guide (English)

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