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5 years ago

Feature Request: Support for SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group Backups for SQL and Enterprise Vault

When will Backup Exec support backing up availability groups in SQL and Enterprise Vault?

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    Have you seen this in the latest BE SCL? (

    2. For "AlwaysOn Availability Groups”, the Full backup method is supported for the Primary Replica SQL instance, or the Full Copy backup method is supported for the Secondary Replica SQL instance. Backups and restores are not supported via the SQL Listener name. Please see the following TechNote for further details:

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      Yes, but this is not an automated backup in the sense that should a failover happen then a full job may happen on a secondary replica and fail and vice versa. And also, primary replicas of some other databases can be distributed between nodes making this unfeasible.

      Veritas support had no suggestions how to at least attempt to automate it, possibly via a press job script that could check for and only backup primary databases.

      Having to do manual selections of primary replicas on each node and instance, and then have to update as changes happen defeat the purpose of the SQL Agent. Simply having SQL do the backups and backing up the directory also does the same.