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5 years ago

Final error: 0xe000821e - Library error - incompatible storage media detected in robotic library


I am new to symantec backup exec and don't have good knowledge on this product. We are using Symantec Backup Exec 15. Recently we got LTO7 M8 tapes and inserted in Powervault TL2000 tape library that is currently being used by backup software to backup data on LTO6 tapes.

However, after inserting these LTO7 tapes and running inventory on Backup Exec it shows unrecognised. I have also configured barcode rule for LTO7 tapes with suffix "M8" as label ends with M8. I lalso ogged in to TL2000 console and it  shows incompatible.

Can someone please help in resolving this issue?

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      Thanks for the update. Sorry, may be I did not understand this correctly because I don't have much experience on tapes. However, Can you please suggest how do I see whether my library has LTO6 tape drives ? I think Powervault TL2000 supports LTO7 tapes, so why does it not support writing/reading on it?

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        I would suggest either checking in Device Manager in Windows:

        (right click on Windows button - Computer Management - Device Manager - Tape Drives) might have specific details about the LTO generation, or alternatively check the Backup Exec adamm.log:

        (C:\Program files\Symantec or Veritas\Backup Exec\Logs\adamm.log) as this will have information about how Backup Exec sees the drive (in your case this will be Symantec but is Veritas for newer releases). For ijnstance checking a random adamm.log shows : "IBM ULT3580-HH8 K4K1" and googling ULT3580-HH8 brings up information about LTO-8. Just as an example.

        A last suggestion is to check the serial number of the drive and look this up on the vendor's website (I can't confirm whether this works as haven't a drive to check but it seems reasonably likely it would). Or maybe (a final thought) check the PO created when your company originally purchased the drive/library in case this has some info about it.

        Good luck..!