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9 years ago

FQDN display name

Would like to re-raise the question in below old post:

As advised by VJware, try to change the "Published names for this agent" by editing below registry key to short name, found after restarting service, the name will become FQDN name again.  This only happens on the MMS which was added into CAS during installation process. For the Windows agent we added into CASO manually, we don't met this problem. Even the  "Published names for this agent" on the Windows agent is FQDN name, but in CASO , it will keep the short name that we  use to add into CASO.

Anyway to change all the FQDN name to short name? Thanks

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Agents

And the key is Advertised Name Ok List


Do we have to use FQDN when adding the backup agent name so that can follow the same convention? Thanks

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  • Have you checked your hosts file to make sure the FQDN/DNS suffix hasn't been added to any servers listed there?

    Otherwise this would be cosmetic...would it be that much of a problem to keep it as-is?