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16 years ago

GRT backup file structure.

This is probably a silly question that I do not have time to investigate into, but why doesn't the GRT exchange backup throw all files into BKF files? We have a rather large Exchange system, the full backup of it is 550gb+ and a daily incremental around 20gb. They way it looks, it just copies the Exchange files into my B2D folder and then does not compact into a BKF file. I figure if all the trans logs we are backing up would be thrown into a compressed BKF file, we would save some serious hard drive space, but they are not along with other files:


one of our IMG folders

the root of our B@D exchange folder.


Have I done something a miss in setting up my GRT backups?

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  • IMG folder structure is by Build , cause you have the option : enable restore of individual items selected .


    By Design .