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14 years ago

GRT with Backup Exec 2010 R3 and exchange 2007 issues


We recently purchased an upgrade of 2010 R3 for our 12.5 install. The upgrade went smooth enough and retained our jobs and history etc. We are now trying out the GRT for exchange option and we're having problems.

We're getting this result from one of our servers:

V-79-57344-766 - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials. Review the resource credentials for the job, and then run the job again

Now we have 3 exchange servers, all exchange 2007, two on server 2003 and one on 2008 R2. Oddly the 2008 R2 and one of the 2003 servers are backing up with GRT fine but our main server is not.

I've been through the recommended suggestions here TECH64095

Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Just a confirmation that you have ensured that the Backup Exec Remote agent on the Exchange server is also upgraded to the BE 2010 R3 version....




  • yes all are running version 13.0.5204 of the remote agent and the servers have been restarted since installing the agent. I should say that the backup of exchange datastore still works perfectly on this server just not the GRT.

  • See here, and try the suggestions:

    If all the privileges have been given to the BE user and if still the backup fails with the same error:

    • Create a new user and add it to the Administrators, Domain Admins, Backup Operators and Exchange Organization roles.
    • The new user should have an activated mailbox.
    • Make the new user the System Logon a/c and the BESA.
    • Re-try the backup.

    Reason 2: The Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects (MAPI CDO) installed on the Exchange 2007 server is corrupt

    Reason 3: When backing up Exchange 2007, the version/patch level of Microsoft Exchange Management Tools installed on the Exchange Server and Media Server (Required for Granular Restore Technology backups) does not match

    Reason 6: Exchange 2007 is running on a Windows 2008 Server, in the backup selection list Information Store is not the first resource to be backed up for the Exchange Server and job is targeted to tape device

    Reason 8: If the Backup Job is going to Tape, MAPI may not be functioning correctly preventing successful authentication to the Exchange Database or Mailboxes.


  • Thanks but i have been through that document already and tried all the suggestions.

  • Then I think it is better to open a case with Symantec support. They can do some more troubleshooting then we.

  • And please post your results here, they may help someone in the future !