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12 years ago

Hot to restore single file from Virtual server ( Hyper-V ) backup ?

I have the following issue since the update to BE 2012 : I am no more able to restore individual files from Hyper-V virtual server backup .

Configuration  :

BE2012  : Windows 2008 R2 ( with Hyper-V agent installed )
Hyper-V Server : Windows 2008 R2 ( with BE 2012 agent )
Virtual Server : Windows 2008 R2 ( with BE 2012 agent )

The backup is successfull BUT i'm not able to browse virtual disk to restore a single file from the virtual server ( as it was possible with BE 2010 )

Any idea ?


Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Danny,

    Could you try to take backup of the problem VM through RAWS (directly from the Guest VM like we do for physical servers) the backup could be of a single file.

    This will make the Restore button active for the server. Then by clicking on Restore, can you check if the backup set of your previous backups show up?

    And finally, after the above, can you run again your HyperV backup job for this particular VM? Update your finidings.



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