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18 years ago

Hotfix 21 for BE 11d

Hello All,
 I'm using BE version 11d on an Exchange 2003 server (Win2k3, 32-bit)and a few weeks ago, Ireceived an alert about Hotfix  #21 failing to install and then this afternoon, it automatically installed the hotfix and is now awaiting a reboot to finish the install.  Is there any way to disable this feature? I've gone to the options section under Live Update toprevent this from happening on my other servers . BUt I'd like to know why did the hotfix auto install?  I've yet to find a solution to this quandary.  WinXP will sometimes do this w/its own MS updates.

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  • Hi,
    The only place that Backup Exec can be configured for Automatic updates in under tools LiveUpdate.
    If you have deselected "Enable scheduled automatic updates" and it is still updating I would say to look at your AV, if you use Symantec and see what the schedule is for LiveUpdate on that.