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7 years ago

How do I restore data on a Backup EXEC CD-R from Windows 98 OS?

I have some important files on a CD-Rom from 1998. It was made with Seagate Backup Exec 4.0 on a Windows 98 OS. Is there a version of the software that can read the disc and restore it? Thank you very much, Mike

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  • If the CD is accesible via Windows Explorer and files and folders are visible, then if the files happen to be *.BKF files  you may be able to use a Backup to Disk device on a current version of Backup Exec by copying the bkf files from the CD into the device and running inventory and catalog operations - this would be kind of a long shot though.

    If the files are visible but not BKF files, what are they? ( as this may give a hint as to what might be possible)

    Note: I did talk to the longest serving member of Backup Exec Support (anywhere in the World) and he could not remember what was laid down on the CD by that version and as it was kind of before regular internet blogging on software use was done, it is unlikely you will find much, if any 3rd party advice on that version.