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10 years ago

How to configure multiple jobs in Backup Exec 2014

Hi at all, I am using Backup Exec 2014 running on a Server 2008 R2. We have more than 10 servers to backup. We are doing Monday to Friday everyday a Full-Backup. On Saturday we copy the l...
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    10 years ago

    ...straight from the TN listed below:

    Selecting multiple servers or applications

    If you select to back up data from multiple servers or applications, you can create separate backup definitions for each server or application. Alternatively, you can create one backup definition that includes all servers and applications. If you create separate backup definitions, it is easier to identify problems when backup jobs fail. Also, if an issue arises with one server that causes a backup job to fail, the other backup jobs can still complete successfully. If you create one backup definition that includes all of your servers and applications, it takes less work to monitor the job's status. You can select a default method for backing up multiple servers in the Backups dialog of the Backup Exec Settings



    Create a job containing all the servers you want to backup, configure it and let it run. BE 2014 brought this back which was left out of BE 2012.