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15 years ago

How to Recover Corrupted DeDuplication Folder (BE2010)

Hello All, I've got a simple question from my student, where I am delivering training on BackupExec 2010: how can we restore corrupted DeDuplication Folder (which shows the Offline Status)? Do we have any utilities to scan for it's integrity and so on? Also he said they opened a case with Symantec and got a promise to "get a phone call back during next 2-3 hours". However nobody called them for a day! I was browsing/googling the subject for 2 hours and didn't find any concrete detailed answers. Could anybody help please?

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  • I would assume since it's corrupted, you would have to restore a previous backup of said dedupe folder.  (Yes you can select the dedupe storage folder to backup, without having to rehydrate it like it does for tape)

    I know of no actual utilities for the mere mortal(non-symantec employee) to run against the dedupe folder structure.