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20 years ago

How to restore a W2k3 member server?

I do not have the IDR agent.

In our lab I have a similar server to our production server that I would like to test a restore. I looked through KB articles and have not been able to find anything on this.
Does anyone have any white papers on how this is done.

Thanks - Tony Zollo

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  • Are you referring to a member server which is remotely backed up, or locally?

    You would need to install your OS first, then either Backup Exec or the remote agent.

    Hit restore. not much else to it, unless your hardware is different, then it's really down to your troubleshooting hardware issues.
  • Hello,

    Do you wish to redirect a restore? In that case refer to the following technote:

    Title: How to perform a redirected restore in VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT and Windows 2000

    In case the problem is not the same mentioned above, please do elaborate it. You have mentioned that you do not have an IDR option. Do you wish to manually recover a server and need help for the same? Do explain in detail.

  • Hi,

    In reference to our previous reply to your post, we would request you to update us on the progress.

    However, if we do not receive your intimation within two business days, this post would be marked assumed answered and would be moved to answered questions pool.