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6 years ago

How to restore backup data from backup exec version 9 on version 20.1

I have an old backup data from backup exec versio 9 saved on my synology and want to restore on my backup exec version 20. i have tried to restore but the restore button is greyed out and could not operate. the server on which the version 9 was installed has crashed and could not be recovered. i have a new server and version 20 is installed but could not restore.

need help urgently.

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  • Hopefully the Synology NAS location used by BE 9 contains BKF files

    Inside BE 20, create a disk storage device (B2D) in another location.

    Copy the BKF files from the Synology into the B2D location that you just configured.

    Run Inventory and catalog jobs against the B2D device.


    The reason for copy the data rather than trying to directly access it from the Synology is just for good practice as you won't be touching the original data if something goes wrong.

    If you have already used the BE 20 server for backups  than you may get conflicts between BKF file names - for this reason it is usually better to do this kind of operation on a server that has not been running backups.

    If you get any errors during the catalog operation you may have to temporarily make changes to the catalog settings (but may need a formal support case to understand this)  Such errors would usually relate to missing BKF files in the media family due to how BE 9 was configured to handle the media